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Experience the Magic of Astrology

GrahAstro is a team of experienced astrologers who believe in providing quality consultancy to their clients.
Our astrologers have more than 25 years of experience and have helped thousands of people in finding solutions to their problems and lead a happy life.

Personalized Consultancy

Accurate Predictions

Expert Astrologers

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Why GrahAstro

At GrahAstro, we offer a range of astrology services to our esteemed customers. Our experienced astrologers

 provide personalized consultancy and solutions for various problems related to career, finance, health, love, and relationships.


Personalized Astrology Solutions

Our astrologers provide personalized solutions to your problems based on your birth chart and other relevant details. We believe in providing accurate and effective solutions to our clients.


Expert Astrologers

Our team of astrologers has more than 25 years of experience and is well-versed in Vedic astrology, numerology, and other related fields. We believe in continuous learning and updating our knowledge to provide the best consultancy to our clients.


Online Face-to-Face Consultancy

We understand that it's not always possible for our clients to visit us in person, so we also offer online consultancy services. Our online consultancy is as effective as our face-to-face meetings.


Accurate Predictions

Our astrologers have a proven track record of providing accurate predictions to our clients. We believe in providing realistic and effective solutions to our clients.

Our Core Astrolger Team

With every astrologer holding more than 25 years of expertise, GrahAstro promises unparalleled wisdom and highly accurate astrological consultations, delivering clarity and guidance in all aspects of life.


Pt. Puran Chandra Upreti (Shastri)


Experience: 25+ years

Specialization: Astrology, Numerology, Vastu & Karma-Kaand

Summary: Pt. Puran Chandra Upreti is a distinguished figure in the realms of Astrology, Numerology, and Vastu, gracing the field with his vast and intricate knowledge amassed over 25+ years. His extensive experience is a beacon for those seeking profound insights and transformative advice in these ancient sciences

Pt. Rakesh Tiwari (Shastri)


Experience: 8+ years

Specialisation: Astrology & Karma-Kaand

Summary: Pt. Rakesh Tiwari is a distinguished figure in the field of Astrology and Karma Kaand, holding over 8 years of extensive experience, offering profound insights and enlightened guidance to countless individuals seeking wisdom. His vast knowledge and experience shine through his precise consultations and transformative advice, guiding people towards fulfillment and balance in their lives.

Pt. Ramesh Vashistha (Shastri)


Experience: 15+ years

Specialisation: Astrology, Vastu & Karma-Kaand

Summary: Pt. Ramesh Vashistha is a distinguished figure in the realms of Astrology, Vastu, and Karma-Kaand, possessing extensive knowledge and over 15 years of rich experience, ensuring his consultations are imbued with profound insights and wisdom. His expansive experience allows him to provide precise and enlightened guidance to all seeking astrological, structural, and ritualistic solutions.

Pt. Prakash Nainwal (Shastri)


Experience: 12+ years

Specialisation: Astrology & Karma-Kaand

Summary: Pt. Prakash Nainwal is a distinguished astrologer with over 12 years of rich experience in Astrology and Karma-Kaand, offering profound insights and enlightened guidance to countless individuals seeking clarity in their lives. His deep understanding and vast knowledge have made him a trusted name in the field, aiding people in navigating their paths with wisdom and foresight.

 Pt. Bbhuwan Chandra Joshi (Shastri)


Experience: 12+ years

Specialisation: Astrology & Karma-Kaand

Summary: Pt. Bhuwan Chandra Joshi is a revered figure in the field of Astrology and Karma-Kaand, holding a wealth of knowledge and insights gained over 12 enriching years, offering enlightening and precise solutions and guidance to countless individuals. His vast experience and profound understanding of ancient sciences make him a sought-after advisor for those seeking answers and tranquility in their lives.

Pt. Sanjay Kandpal (Shastri)


Experience: 14+ years

Specialisation: Astrology & Karma-Kaand

Summary: Pt. Sanjay Kandpal is a revered practitioner with extensive knowledge in both Astrology and Karma-Kaand, possessing over 12 years of rich experience in offering insightful and enlightening consultations. His profound understanding of celestial influences and rituals has guided countless individuals in navigating their life’s journey.

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    Discover GrahAstro's Impact Through Real Stories and Feedback from Satisfied Clients
    Shailendra KatareShailendra Katare
    09:47 08 Apr 24
    Sandeep PurohitSandeep Purohit
    11:52 02 Apr 24
    I faced challenges in reaching my career aspirations until I stumbled upon the grahastro through Facebook Ads. Seeking guidance from the astrologer, I received actionable steps to incorporate into my daily routine. Today, I can proudly say that I am excelling in my profession while maintaining a peaceful balance in my family life. 🙂
    Vikash BhartiVikash Bharti
    11:40 02 Apr 24
    GrahAstro astrologers are incredibly knowledgeable and insightful
    Dr.Dinesh TiwariDr.Dinesh Tiwari
    07:42 06 Jan 24
    He is Good Astrologer . He give correct Prediction and solutions 👍🏻